The stories collected herein are not for the faint-hearted. Nineteen dark tales from the imagination of Andy Evans:  

“[some] are short, sharp jabs to the psyche, others are longer spirals of nightmarish descent”. 

Each story is unsettling. Nothing here is quite as it would seem. Some being so terrifying as to frequent your dreams and leave you floundering, longing for the relative sanctuary of the daylight hours. 

In ‘Gravity’ a man walks along the highway, compelled towards a specific place, haunted by his past and a growing sense of déjà-vu. 

‘Evolution of the Werewolf’ flips the werewolf myth upon it’s head. 

‘Hiija’ is about two rival horror writers and the deadly woman who inspires them both. 

While ‘We Who Dwell Behind The Veil’ explores why you should never be mean to your little sister. 

And there are others waiting in the darkness, too.



Dr Grant Newman is a Paediatric Registrar working at Dunedin Hospital, although he’s beginning to doubt his career choice. He’s at odds with his Consultant. More and more, his intuitive approach to medicine seems to land him in trouble. Did he pick the wrong vocation? And what of the appearance of a mysterious woman, whose touch, some have claimed, has healed them? What is it about this woman and these claims that unsettle him so? Could these claims be legitimate?

When Grant encounters a new virus, with disturbing symptoms, and when the case numbers keep rising, he will discover not only his true vocation, but who he is and the true face of disease.

 A dark, medical fantasy…